Gym description

The "Vertical Spirit" clymbing gym is located in the center of Bucharest, near the University.




Leading & top-roping

Climbing as a leader means to climb and to pass the rope through the quickdraws which are placed on the wall. As a direct consequence, all the climbers who prefer this climbing style should know perfectly the belaying techniques and also have the capabilities to evaluate the risks (which might appear after a fall) in such a way that their own or others safety should not be affected.

In the same time, the belayer should know the belaying technique perfectly - either if we discuss about leading or top-roping.

If you do not have the necessary knowledge about belaying, it is compulsory to participate to an introductory lesson, in order to learn these basic techniques.


Accordingly to many climbers, bouldering is the purest climbing form. Without being conditioned by harness and rope, you can practice technical elements or the hardest climbing moves, all these at a reasonable height.

The "Vertical Spirit" climbing gym has its own separate bouldering area. In order to avoid any injures we recommend to all climbers involved in this activity (either if they climb or spot for security reasons) to be careful at all time.

Renting equipment

For those who do not own their personal climbing equipment, we offer the possibility to rent it from the gym, except the belaying devices. In order to discover our tariffs, please click here.