Baicului Street No. 80, 2nd Sector, Bucharest (inside Electronica, with entry from Sergent Nicolae Culea Street)

How to arrive: from the end line of the trolley (Obor Railway Station) you must enter the Baicului Street, then you must pass the railroard. Keep walking around 200-300 metters. After the second pedestrian crossing on the right side you should enter the Sergent Nicolae Culea Street. Walk around up to the end on this street and on the left side you will see an iron gate belt (which has „Elprof” written above). Enter inside and walk up to the end of the court. The last highest hall on the right side has a banner with the climbing gym, the entrance being a white PVC door (Vertical Spirit is written on the door).


- Trolleys with number 85 and 69, until you reach the end of the line (Obor Railway Station)
- The Subway up to the Iancului Square station. From this point you need to walk around five minutes to the trolley station, numbers 85/69.